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You are not alone!

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Thank you for visiting. I am so glad you're here and reaching out for support during this challenging time. Let me assure you that you are not alone. Contacting a professional like me as you navigate your journey is a brave and wise choice. I have over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples and families facing challenging issues and would be honored to work with you as well. Together, we will explore your feelings, circumstances, and options. I will help you work on coping with what is right in front of you, navigate the present, and address the future.  Our sessions will be a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings in the atmosphere full of empathy and devoid of judgment.  Opening the door to fully expressing yourself is an important step toward healing and growth, and I will be honored if you allow me to become a part of your journey.


Hello and welcome!

My desire to help people have healthy, happy and fulfilling lives and relationships inspired me to pursue both my Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Counseling with emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. My extensive education, combined with many years of clinical experience, uniquely prepared me for specializing in relationship counseling, anxiety and trauma.

Whether your past issues are still impacting you today ... or your relationship seems to have lost its spark ... or you’re struggling with communication issues … or finding yourself more angry and burned out than usual …  or having hard time adjusting to change or a life transition … You're in the right place! I want you to know that you are not alone. I will work with you every step of a way to bring back the peace and happiness that you have longed for.

I am passionate about seeing my clients improve and live more happy, joyful and emotionally healthy lives. Every day, I help individuals and couples deal with stress and worry; navigate through relationship issues, interpersonal struggles, internal and external conflicts, life transitions, and adjustment challenges; as well as deal with grief and loss, depression, and trauma.

I am committed to the highest values and ethical standards in my clinical practice. Our therapeutic rapport will be built in a judgment-free atmosphere of empathy, trust, honesty, transparency, respect, and safety. I will use flexible, inclusive, and integrative therapeutic approaches in our work together, and I will customize them to fit your distinctive needs and unique situation.  I am skilled in several therapeutic modalities and will work with you using a variety of proven therapeutic methods and tools. Please call for a free consultation so I can answer your questions and we can start working toward a brighter tomorrow. 

Licenses and Certifications  

I hold:

*State licenses:

LMHC (Florida), 

LCPC (Illinois) 

LPC (Missouri )

*NCC Board Certification by the National Board of Certified Counselors 

*CCATP Certification (Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional)

*CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional) 

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