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Eat Healthy for Life (Instead of Dieting)

Did you know that May 6th is International No Diet Day? The holiday was started as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as raise public awareness of the potential dangers of fad dieting.

The Problem with Dieting

Whenever people want or need to lose weight quickly, they inevitably turn to the latest and greatest fad diet. But how many people actually reach their weight loss goals with dieting? Not many. In fact, research suggests that nearly 95% of all diets fail, and most people regain the weight they did manage to lose within one to five years.

Not only are fad diets ineffective, but some of them can also be downright dangerous. Many crash-type diets can lead to:

● Dehydration. When you try to starve your body of calories, you rarely lose fat. Though the scale may say you have shed a few pounds, it’s usually water loss. This, if pushed too far, can lead to dehydration with accompanying fatigue and headaches.