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What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process, grounded in dialogue, between a psychotherapist and a client, in a supportive, neutral and non-judgmental environment. When done by a skilled and experienced therapist working with a committed and actively participating client, it can be very beneficial in a variety of ways.

Psychotherapy can help with stress management, anxiety, adjustment issues, life transitions, depression, trauma, grief, sexual concerns, relationship problems, self-esteem, divorce - break up - separation, and many other issues.

Some issues can be handled within a very short period of time with solution focused approaches, for example. Other issues might require a longer journey, especially if they are long-standing and multilayered.

It takes courage, commitment, active participation and work for therapy to be successful. However, when it is successful, it can lead to a much more fulfilling, joyful, happy, peaceful, and relaxed life.

Here are some ways how psychotherapy can be helpful: