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Therapy for Intimacy Issues

When people desire to be in a relationship, it is not only to have company or someone to do things with. Most people look for that special relationship because they want real, true intimacy in their life. But what is intimacy, really?

Intimacy is not the same thing as sex. You can have sex without intimacy.

Intimacy is true and genuine closeness with another human being. It is a connection that is developed over time.

While intimacy brings unparalleled joy into our lives, it can also feel incredibly frightening to some people. To be intimate means to open yourself up to another human being. It means showing up, flaws and all, and putting in the work.

Ultimately, intimacy is a wonderful byproduct of an emotional connection that has been built over time by two individuals who deeply love and respect each other.

What Does Fear of Intimacy Look Like?

While many people struggle with a fear of intimacy, not everyone knows the signs and symptoms, as they can be mistaken for other emotions.

People who fear intimacy often have low self-esteem and trust issues. They may experience episodes of anger and have a history of toxic relationships. Many avoid physical contact and are unable to easily share their feelings or express emotions.

How Therapy Can Help

There are a variety of reasons a person may experience fear of intimacy. From childhood trauma to low self-worth and fear of rejection, people from all walks of life, all ages, and all backgrounds have developed a fear of getting close to another person.

If you believe you have a fear of intimacy, therapy is a powerful tool that can help you work through the underlying causes. A skilled therapist can help you identify the root of your trouble, work through your fears, and heal from past traumas so you can get close to and connect with others.

The bottom line is, intimacy is a wonderful part of life. Don't miss out on it!

If you’d like to work with someone on your intimacy issues, please reach out to me. I can provide tools and techniques to help you develop a deeper connection with your partner and yourself.


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